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Few lines about me

Hi Friend,

My Name is Vijay Kumar and I am from Hyderabad. I am passionate about blogging, researching and exploring things.

After my graduation I started my career in a BPO (Health Care Sector) after working for 4.5 years one day I have realized that it is not a life which I have dreamt of.

I generally used to research things on internet like what is a website who creates it and how Google shows results within fraction of seconds etc.. there my research has started and that made me to enter into this Digital Marketing World.

I have learnt the subject and now working in a good company. I generally used to have a passion of creating a YouTube channel which I have finally created it and I even started writing articles on Medium. And then I have decided why not I can create a blog of my own so, finally I have made it.

“Dreaming and imagining things is easy but executing them or putting them into reality is difficult and once you put that into action then your life will be awesome“.

                            -Believe that!!

About me